Glamorous, gourmet, with shops galore: the heart of Athens.

Kolonaki: The place to be & be seen


Kolonaki is the undefeated champion of stylish neighbourhoods in Athens, and we – lucky guest – are situated right in the heart of it.

A web of tree-lined streets, imposing archways of designer shops, shaded terraces, and outdoor seating at posh restaurants prepare to welcome both food lovers and people-watchers from far and wide. Kolonaki is the place to see and be seen in Athens.

Sleek and chic, the white-washed buildings possess an aristocratic air and the richness of the variety available in the neighbourhood – in terms of dining, shopping, recreation, and culture – signals to the contemporary current pulsing through the streets, beckoning the young and young at heart, in search of exciting experiences.

Oniro City is immeasurably proud of its home neighbourhood. We feel a kinship with Kolonaki, are inspired by it, and have embraced the identity of it, integrating it with our own. In sharing this love with our guests, we’ve broken down the key, not-to-be-missed experiences, uniquely afforded by staying in Oniro City and – thus – in the heart of Kolonaki.


There’s no doubt about it: food fanaticism runs deep in Kolonaki. So much so, in fact, that the streets are lined with an eclectic, fresh, and funky mix of restaurants spanning fine dining outlets to elevated street food, modernised and gourmet Greek eateries, and every global cuisine in between.

Whether a die-hard epicurean, or a novice dipping their toe in the swirling waters of this exciting culinary sea, glorious food rings out as part of Kolonaki’s mantra and many are available to answer its call.


An enviable who’s who of designer brands, both local and international, Kolonaki’s criss-crossing boulevards and byways are brimming with luxury boutiques.

Pristine window displays, towering doorways, and famed names in bright lights above the entrances are enough to get any shopaholic’s heart pounding! From womenswear and menswear to shoes, jewellery, and more, Kolonaki is, quite simply, a shopper’s paradise.


Avant-garde art galleries hosting works by leading Greek artists embellish the landscape of Kolonaki making it a great starting point of exploration into the wider world of Greece’s rich culture.

Meanwhile a funicular railway  grants those staying in Kolonaki easy access to the summit of Mount Lycabettus: a hill 300 metres above sea level, whose legacy is interwoven throughout Greek mythology.

The panoramic views from the top are simply breath-taking, and its open-air ancient amphitheater possesses a unique grandeur. World-famous musicians often perform here offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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  • Acropolis & Acropolis Museum 3.1 km
  • National Archaeological Museum 1.6 km
  • Benaki Museum 0.85 km
  • Cycladic art museum 1 km
  • Ermou Shopping Street 1 km
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre 6.6 km
  • Monastiraki & Flea Market 1.8 km
  • Plaka the historical neighborhood of Athens 2 km
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus 1.6
  • Varvakeios agora – the central market of Athens 1.2 km
  • National Garden 0.7 km
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